Business Transformation

(Taken from Deloitte) Different organizations transform their business models for different reasons.

Some are positioning themselves for new growth opportunities, or trying to stay ahead of shifting consumer preferences. Others are restructuring to improve efficiency and reduce costs, or seeking to capitalize on lower labor rates offshore. And many are playing catch up on changes that were put on hold during the downturn and are now long overdue. However, one thing they have in common is the desire to dramatically improve their business performance.

Deloitte’s Business Model Transformation services help drive the business and operating model changes required to achieve an organization’s strategic vision. This includes everything from architecting the future state operating model to designing and leading a transition program to put the model in place – because even the leading business model is only as good as its implementation.

Although a transformation effort may start small and expand over time, it will likely have a fundamental and far-reaching impact on how an organization operates. Deloitte has a broad range of specialty areas, including enterprise model design, shared services, outsourcing, enterprise cost reduction, real estate and location strategy, and contact centers. We also have deep knowledge and experience in many major industries. This different combination enables us to provide custom-tailored services and insights that can help organizations tackle their complex challenges from every angle.