Confoe analyzes your business needs, industry environment, and core business

processes. We quickly customize a solution that fits your market and your culture.

Our bias for action means that results will be rapid, measurable, and repeatable.

OpsAssess is the foundation for Confoe’s capability and service product delivery to

our customers. It is HOW we analyze your business needs and specific “as is”

conditions to ensure we build upon your strengths as we establish the structure and

protocols required to revolutionize how departments, groups, and regions work

together to achieve shared goals and objectives. Our structured approach and

industry experience allows us to conduct the assessment with minimal impact to daily

operations. Feedback from this assessment is valuable in its on right, and facilitates

the development of a cohesive improvement strategy.

We are experts in building the strategies, processes, and operational elements to

meet the challenge of the business cycle. We have implemented the methodology

across Asia, Europe, and the United States in both small and large organizations.